Honor Your True Story

Honor Your True Story

Join Antonia Nelson for Honor Your True Story; A podcast dedicated to sharing inspiring stories of hope, kindness, love, courage and compassion. You’ll also receive tips for relieving stress, anxiety, increasing resilience and, taking care of your body, your sweet self, and more.

The stories we carry, the baggage, and the B.S. are not our true stories! We grow up to mimic all we have been taught, but this mimicry is not us, and learning this truth is liberating! This really short life, full of adventure and experiences, transform and grow us to live and experience our own personal blueprint.

Every other Friday, Antonia’s guests share pivotal moments, forks in the road, ups and downs, and wisdom earned on the road of life. Listen in!

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Recent Episodes

Discover and Connect with your Inner Wisdom with Lori A. Andrus

May 13, 2022

Today Lori shares some of her deeper experiences as she has listened to her heart and the call of her soul. She brings all of that wisdom to her work, including her beautiful sacred jewelry and online and in-person programs …

Erin from Ohio - Being in the right place at the right time

April 29, 2022

Erin is a firm believer that you are always exactly where you're meant to be. Her life has been full of experiences that have shaped her existence. Profound loss, world travels, and chance meetings have all played a part in …

No one should give birth or die alone with Linda Aileen Miller

April 16, 2022

Linda Aileen Miller, Author, LMT, CD(DONA), (she, her, hers) Level 2 Holy Fire Reiki Master, Expert Level Myofascial Release Therapist has spent twenty-four years supporting those healing body-mind effects of PTSD. “Retiring…

The gift of a burnout and discovering your true calling with Katie Stiel

April 1, 2022

Follow- a Clinical Social Worker with her Masters, a full counseling practice and school, experience burnout and the "traditional' medicine that is offered that didn't help. Exploring alternative healing methods that sparked…