Honor Your True Story

Honor Your True Story

Join Antonia Nelson for Honor Your True Story; A podcast dedicated to sharing inspiring stories of hope, kindness, love, courage and compassion. You’ll also receive tips for relieving stress, anxiety, increasing resilience and, taking care of your body, your sweet self, and more.

The stories we carry, the baggage, and the B.S. are not our true stories! We grow up to mimic all we have been taught, but this mimicry is not us, and learning this truth is liberating! This really short life, full of adventure and experiences, transform and grow us to live and experience our own personal blueprint.

Every other Friday, Antonia’s guests share pivotal moments, forks in the road, ups and downs, and wisdom earned on the road of life. Listen in!

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The gifts a Life Doula brings to the process of death and dying with Marggie Moertl

Aug. 5, 2022

Today I'm speaking with Marggie Moertl about what a Life Doula can offer you and your family to prepare for the transition. And the grace of knowing you are not alone and having help and support on our very important sacred …

Turning 50: Learning how to be a caregiver for me with Debbie Weiss

July 22, 2022

A life long care giver, a major pivot at 50 and learning how to care for You first!     Today I'm speaking with Debbie Weiss. Debbie has always had a passion for helping, teaching, and caring for others. Since graduating fro…

Finding Freedom after being raised by cult extremists with Sharon T.

July 8, 2022

Growing up in a house of cult extremists, how she made it through and out, and her healing journey.     Sharon T. works with Non profits and NGO management the last 11 years as a Program Director. Specifically with the vulne…

Inner Design: How to reduce stress, anxiety with Donna Accardo

June 24, 2022

Living through Hurricane Katrina, losing her home, breast cancer years later, and what she does to reduce the stress and anxiety, of being a busy Mother, Architect, and how this brings more joy, grace and the ability to live…